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What Does The Future Look Like For Electric Vehicles?

What Does The Future Look Like For Electric Vehicles? Electric vehicles are already taking the world by storm and it is only 2020. According to Next Green Car, “Registrations for pure-EVs in the first eight months of 2020 [were] up 112% compared to 2019.” The UK is set to soon start banning the buying and selling of brand-new petrol and diesel cars. This includes hybrids. Other countries are also considering adopting these policies. When this will occur is still somewhat uncertain, however. Man

Tumblr: Why this Microblog Should Return to the Mainstream

You may have heard of Tumblr if you were a teenager around the 2013 mark, but if you haven't, let me enlighten you on this social media platform that I believe deserves more credit. Tumblr (pronounced “Tumbler”) is a social networking website and app as well as a blogging site which was established in 2007 by web developer, David Karp. It is currently owned by global distributor company, Automattic Inc. who also own blogging site WordPress. Tumblr enables its users to follow one another as wel

Are There Any Off-Road Electric Vehicles?

Are There Any Off-Road Electric Vehicles? According to a report by The Guardian, the UK could ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles as early as 2030. With this swift move to electric vehicles, these vehicles need to be universal as well as capable of on and off-road travel at least by the time we hit 2030. So, where are we in relation to off-road electric vehicles? Will enough of them converted to electric before the 2030 goal? What types of off-road vehicles are already electric? Of

COVID-19 Cases Rapidly Increase as the NHS Test and Trace App is Launched

In just one week, the number of COVID-19 cases has increased by 60%, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It was recorded by the ONS that last week, around 6,000 positive Coronavirus cases were recorded each day as opposed to this week being approximately 9,600 per day. Altogether, from 13th to 19th September, around 1 in 500 people have the virus. The rates are highest in the 17 to 24 age category and more prevalent in the Yorkshire, Humber, North West/East and London areas.

Five changes accountants are making to their way of working

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the way accountants are re-inventing themselves. More specifically, it has led to the acceleration in the way that accountants are altering their way of working. Here are the main five changes that accountants are making to their style of working this year in response to the pandemic. Saving it all to the cloud With the pandemic changing accountants’ way of working to the work-from-home method, it has been more critical than ever to save, share and locate vital

Where to Find Charging Stations: Electric Cars

There is a wide range of different locations in which an electric car charging station can be found. These locations can range from street corners to large shopping complexes. They can even be found on driveways of homes! Many EV charging stations are free and open to the general public to use. Though, how and where can you find these charging stations in the UK? For example, Zap-Map, an app/website that shows you all the EV charging in the UK. It can be incredibly useful if you’re low on the r

Accountant’s Guide to Managing Your Business Finances

Financial management can take many years to master. Managing your money is difficult but so vital to grow and develop your business. Nowadays, we are blessed with the ability to hire accountants to help manage our business finances for lower costs than you may think. However, you cannot be purely reliant on accountants alone as you are accountable for managing your finances. Here is your guide to equipping yourself with the essentials to manage your finances… All business owners must have the b

How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn

LinkedIn hashtags were first introduced on their mobile app in 2016 and then moved to desktop platforms in 2017. They are used in a similar way to other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, categorising content when looking for specific topics and keywords. Adding a hashtag will allow you to get discovered by users who are not in your network. This is highly beneficial for marketing purposes as it will allow your content to reach a wide audience. Furthermore, you also have the abi

Benefits of Making Tax Digital

The Government’s programme to make tax digital is a bold one. HMRC has set its aim to become one of the most advanced digital tax administrations on the globe. But what do we mean by making tax digital and most importantly, what are the benefits of this new phenomenon? This article will guide you through the pros of making tax digital and why it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved in the programme. The definition of making tax digital is the programme to which HMRC aim to change from

COVID-19 Increases the Number of Twitch Video Game Streamers

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a large increase in the number of both viewers and streamers on the platform, Twitch. Many of us have been filling our free time with more digital forms of entertainment to counteract the lack of human interaction in society. This has caused many young people to turn their attention towards Twitch. Twitch is essentially a live video streaming service where gamers play video games live for viewers to watch and comment on. Video games are mostly used for Twitch b

Has The #BeKind Movement Been Forgotten Due to The Pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic has either brought out the best or worst in people. More people than ever have expressed their varied opinions and beliefs on political decisions that have been made and have been speaking out against various injustices that plague the world. Families in lockdown together have been more prone to fall-outs, and social media debates and arguments have become the norm. Lots of fake news and information has spread amongst social media and the internet, causing anxiety in mor

Self-Employment Income Support Scheme Re-opened

The self-employment scheme has been re-opened by the UK Government. Sole traders are now able to claim up to £6,570 for their lost income since 14th July 2020. An earlier scheme offered £7.8 billion to 2.7 million people in the months of May and June 2020. Chancellor Rishi Sunak said that this scheme will ensure “people’s livelihoods across the county will remain protected as we continue our economic recovery – helping them get back on their feet as we return to normal.” HMRC will be contactin

An Introduction to VAT

VAT can be a confusing concept to grasp if you have never needed to pay VAT before. Nonetheless, being VAT registered can bring with it lots of advantages concerning your finances. Here is a brief introduction on VAT with some answers to questions you may have on the subject. VAT is a tax which is added to the majority of services and goods. It is something you must pay if you are a business or merely an individual. You pay it on a range of things from bills to clothes. For companies who make o

Power Companies Prevent Move to More Renewable Energy

It has been reported in a study, published in the Nature Energy Journal, that power companies around the world are hindering the transition from fossil fuels producing energy to ones that are greener and more renewable, such as solar and wind energy. We’re looking into the way power companies prevent renewable energy generation. Research discovered that only 1 in 10 energy suppliers across the globe have been prioritising green energy over fossil fuels. Furthermore, the companies who are spendi

UK Unemployment: The Issues of Job Seeking During the Pandemic

With almost 750,000 jobs lost since March due to the pandemic, it is no wonder finding a job or even gaining an interview is so difficult. This astounding statistic was recorded by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and as a result, more people than ever before are on the hunt for new jobs after being made redundant, or just finishing university and looking for employment. Either way, it has become an even more competitive process with hundreds of people fighting for just one role at a fi

How Medium is Changing the Way We Consume and Share News and Content

Medium is something you have either never heard of or something you can never stop hearing about. In case you are unaware of this digital phenomenon, let me enlighten you on the premise and history of Medium. Medium is taking over the online media market by storm with now 120 million avid readers and writers on their website and app. It is changing the way we consume and share news and content because it is so personalised. Medium is essentially a platform for online publishing. It was establi

NHS: Beacon for Renewable Energy Efforts

A report last year unearthed that the UK health and care systems account for 5.4% of the UK’s carbon footprint. In response, the NHS Property Services (NHSPS) have claimed that through their green efforts, they helped cut down CO2 levels by over 40,000 tonnes in 2019. The NHSPS is responsible for 10% of the NHS’s estate.The NHS is becoming a beacon for renewable energy efforts. In addition, there were many more efforts by the NHS to become more renewable; with LED lighting, energy efficiency im
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